Necdet Semker, starting construction business in 1954 with his own company called Necdet Semker Construction Co., fullfilled many projects such as bridges, irrigation canals, hydroelectric power plants, regulators and highways. He then founded Enerji-Su Constuction Co. with Gökçe Aykut in 1966.

From 1966 to 1983, Enerji-Su carried out cement factory, highway, dam earth moving and field fortification porjects. From 1966 to 1983, by establishing a joint venture called INTER SEMA – ENERJİ-SU JV with the German company SEMA, they have joined overseas projects. They have completed hospital, highway, residential unit and infrastructure projects especially in Libya.

Being the founding partner of ATA Construction Co., who has undertaken the construction of Atatürk Dam and Hydro Electric Power Plant, the pivot structure of the South Eastern Anatolian Project, in 1983, Enerji-Su completed the world's 5th biggest dam in 8 years. Since than, Enerji-Su Construction has been using its exprience obtained in Atatürk Dam and HEPP in where they have drilled 2,000,000 meters and injected over 200,000 tons of cement, in various other projects. Today Enerji-Su continues to carry out similiar projects, in this sector.

After Atatirk Dam and HEPP Project, Enerji-Su has also taken place in the construction of ATA Konakları residential unit Project in Çamlıca/İstanbul and barrier constructions in Jordan with its master company ATA Construction.

Additionally, Enerji-Su produces and assembles hydromechanical equipments used in dams such as tunnel doors , tunnel protective caps , every type of cranes, penstocks, valves, spirals, sliding doors, radial doors with its affiliate company IŞIK Makina in a 27.000 m2 area in Ankara. Today, the second generation follows the mission of their parents.