Restoration Projects


  • Balat, İstanbul
  • 2018

About the Project

2.Derece Proprietary Historic Building; It is located on Balat Kiremit Street and is one of the rare stone facades of the district. It is a masonry building built in 1862, as it is understood from the ancient Greek inscription on the façade. Based on the elements in the different style on the façade, it is seen that it is one of the rare buildings in the ‘Eclectic, style in this region.

When it is seen from the construction year -1862- it is seen that it was made much earlier than the surrounding buildings. This element also reveals the difference of style of the building.

60 m2 full building on the land of the building.It has a total of 5 floors with partial basement, ground and 3 normal floors. At the top, there is also a Terrace with a view of the neighborhood and partial sea.

Ground Floor; There is a shop with independent entrance and a room.

The session of the basement is partial; There is a Shop and WC in the Shop.

1 and 2.Normal Floors; in the middle consists of a Sofa and two Rooms and a Bathroom.

On the 3rd floor there is a Sofa, a Room, a Bathroom and a covered terrace. There is also a separate terrace area on top of it.