Restoration Projects


  • Balat, İstanbul
  • September 2014

About the Project

15 old Istanbul houses and a land were purchased in Kiremit Street in Fatih district Balat district which is one of the oldest settlements of Istanbul and the renovation works were initiated with approved projects.

Tile street; It is one of the main arteries that connects the coastline between Fener and Balat with Çarşamba.

When you climb and leave the garden of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which contains the remains of the "AYA YORGI" church burning in the 1970s, you reach the street. The buildings dating from the late 1800s are a good example of the period. There are splendid pavilions that dominate the street from the side hills.

It continues to exist in two structures based on 1700s. However, they have suffered serious deterioration over time. LONDON KOŞK in the region, SCOTLAND HOUSES It is the clues of the anglo sachets in the region in the 1800's.

The street, which starts in parallel with the two walls of the Golden Horn walls in the neighborhood of TAHTA MİNARE between Balat and Fener districts, ends with a historic bagel furnace on the upper side. ANS MOGOLLARIN MERYEMI P, which is the only Byzantine church used today as a church, or ANS KANLI KILISE erkek which is called as emli KANLI KILISE okul among the public. FETHIYE CAMII "is connected.

Nowadays, the buildings, which are home to new residents, are restored one by one and they are restored to their old identity.