Drilling Projects


Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Construction

In the geotechnic works of Atatürk Dam, 40 full hydrolic dirilling machines are used. The impermeability Wall (grout curtain) that is formed by a total of around 2 million meters of drilling and 200.000 tons of cement injection, is one of the world’s greatest drilling and injection operatons in a single construction site.

During the construction of grout curtain which is placed in layer that consists of sinkhole limestones and sinkhole dolomites, the crew came upon against over 50 meter depth sinkhole caves and used special injection techniques to fill them.

Ataürk Dam’s grout curtain which is 1,2 square meter wide, is completed in short time period of 6 years. The maximum depth of the grouting curtain is 300 meters and its average depth is about 200 meters.

Nearly all of the injection operations were executed in galleries of totally 12.471 meters long.

D 260 drill rig with short boom and special-purpose produced drilling machines adequate for narrow drainage galleries of Hydroelectric Power Plant, were used to drill inside the galleries having dimensions of 2.00 x 2.20 m, which are very difficult to be drilled. A total of 50.000 meters of drilling was executed by using special-purpose produced 0.75 m tie-rods.

Monthly drilling amount went up to 50.000 meters, during the construction of grouting curtain, only inside the main curtain.

6.700 VSL type post-tension rock anchores in different dimensions and having a capacity around 440 tons and lengths reaching 30 meters, were applied by usig cables up to 17 strands fort he spillway stilling basen on the dam. To assemble these anchores totally 125.000 meters of drilling was executed with a diameter of 150 mm and a depth of 30 m. In anchor borings, a very fast production has been provided by using WITH BO type boring machines and DTH Hammers.


  • Job Provider Devler Su İşleri Müdürlüğü
  • Location Şanlıurfa - Atatürk Barajı
  • Drill Type Karotlu ve Enjeksiyonlu
  • Total Amount Of Work 2.000.000 m
  • Start Date 01.01.1984
  • Finish Date 01.01.1994