Commitment Projects

Atatürk Dam and HEPP


  • Job Provider General Directorate Of State Hydraulic Works
  • Location Şanlıurfa
  • Total Amount Of Work 84,5 Million cubic meters of clay core grain rock filling dam
  • Start Date 01.01.1983
  • Finish Date 10.10.1999


The construction of this massive structure started in 1983 completed in a very short period of 8 years.

Atatürk Dam is the biggest and most functional dam that is ever built in Turkey, according to dam lake, structural filling volüme, power plant establishment power and yearly energy generation.

Atatürk dam lake is the 21st biggest lake in the World among man made lakes. 

Atatürk Dam is the wolrd’s 3rd biggest filling dam with 84,5 million qubic meters of fillment, following Tarbela Dam (121,72 m3) in Pakistan and Ford Peck Dam (96,049 m3) in USA.
Dam Type : Rock Filling
Construction Purpose : Irrigation and Energy
Structure Filling Volume : 84,5 Million cbm
Total Concrete Production : 3,3 Million cbm
Hight From Base : 169 m
Hight From Thalweg : 169 m
Crest Length : 1669 m
Crest Width : 15 m
Total Water Storage Volume : 48,470 Billion cbm
Lake Area : 817 sqkm
Drainage Reservoir : 92.338 sqkm
Total Turbine Generator Group  : 8 Groups
Power Plant Establishment Power : 2.400 Megawatt
Yearly Energy Generation Capacity : 8,9 Milyar Kilowatt-hour